atlantis ibiza

The descent to the mysterious Atlantis or Sa Pedrera de Cala d'hort as it is called by the locals.

If you want to see a nice place, then certainly it is worth making the walk to “Atlantis”. Once down you immediately see the rock formations that form “the sunken city” of Atlantis. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the seawater in the basins. Behind every rock there is another beautiful spot or water basin. Wonderful to stroll around here and spend a while.

Start of the descent

Go to the start of Es Vedra Viewpoint 1.  

Keep following that road until you come to a kind of parking where you can no longer go any further.  To reach Atlantis and the stone circles, go from the place where you left your car, to the left of the metal pole and the large stone. Follow this road (on your left you will see a kind of fence) for about 200 meters. Then you automatically come to the stone circles. The “entrance” to Atlantis is located on the stone circles to the left of the tree.

Enjoy the walk down

At this point just go down and enjoy the view!

atlantis pool and rocks pictures

Don’t forget your swimsuit! 😉