Sunset spots Ibiza

Our 7 favorite places to enjoy the well known Ibiza sunset

1. Las Puertas del Cielo - Santa Agnes

Located at  the west coast near Santa Agnes.  You will find, what we think,  one of the best kept secret  sunset spot of the Island.

From the small restaurant, away from the crowd, you have a beautiful view over the rocks and the sea.

An ideal place to enjoy tasty Ibizan food and an unforgettable sunset.  Since the restaurant is not that big a lot of people also just bring their own drinks.

This fantastic spot is also open in winter, but it is best to check before you go.

2. Hostel La Torre - Cap Negret San Antonio

In this hotel and restaurant, which is also open all year round, there is a relaxed vibe.

From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the sea.

With a dj playing some Ibiza sunset sounds on the background you will experience one of the most magical and romantic sunsets enjoying an aperitif or a dinner.

3. Elements - Benirras Beach

Located in an idyllic bay, near San Miguel, you will find the idyllic beach of Benirras Beach and the boho chic restaurant Elements. Especially the rock formations and nature around provide a relaxed atmosphere.

During the summer months, many drummers gather here on Sunday evenings to play their hypnotic beats and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

If you want to avoid the crowds in the summer you can book a boat cruise from San Miguel or San Antonio to Benirras.

4. Experimental Beach - Cap del Falco (Salinas)

This lesser known but trendy beach club in the south of Ibiza is located next to the salt fields.

From the beach club you have a breathtaking view of the sea.

Enjoy the live DJ sets, tasty snacks, cocktails and dishes during an impressive sunset.

5. Es Vedra - Cala d’Hort

From restaurant El Carmen, restaurant Es Boldado or simply from the beach of Cala d’Hort you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the island and the rock Es Vedra.

We still think this is a magical place to stay.

Don’t forget to make a wish while watching the mythical rock…


Es Vedra Ibiza

6. Sunset Ashram & Kumharas Beach Bar - Cala Conta

Both no-nonsense and authentic beach bars are located in the west of the island, just before San Antonio.

Sunset Ashram is surrounded by a super beautiful azure blue sea.

In both bars with (live) music there is a great atmosphere and you will not soon forget the sunset.

7. Café Mambo & Café Del Mar - Sunset strip

This is the most famous sunset spot on the island, and we find it especially worth a visit in spring and autumn.

We found it too busy during the summer months. Many people come together along the long coastal strip to enjoy the breathtaking sunset from a bench, the rocks or at one of the many bars.

Café Mambo and Café Del Mar, the very first bar on the legendary “Sunset Strip”, are the 2 best spots.

Enjoy the many dj’s playing dance music while watching the sunset!